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Water mist cooling indoors and outdoors

Water mist cooling is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to lower the air temperature by up to 12°C. In doing so, water is micro-fine sprayed by high-pressure – approx. 70 bar – nozzles. The microscopic droplets evaporate immediately. They extract heat from the ambient air, creating evaporative cooling. In addition to the cooling also creates a pleasant humidification – too dry air is prevented.

Cool Cloud Wassernebel Düse für Kühlung


… underneath marquees,
… for your patio,
… on your balcony

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Reduces pollen, dust and odours

Cool Cloud Wassernebel Düse für Kühlung


Efficient way to lower the air temperature by up to 10°C
creates a comfortable mist

Cool Cloud Systems Suncooler Anwendungen


High-Tech nozzles
spray only 1.8 l water per hour!
7 cent costs for cooling an approx. 4-6 m wide marquees

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Home & Garden

Casteller Landhaustage

Moist cool, forest-like, air for your patio

Besides an appropriate temperature, we need the right humidity to feel comfortable. In the summer, forests offer perfect conditions in terms of shade and humidity. Unfortunately, modern architecture leaves less and less space for trees in the garden. Umbrellas and marquees may be a way to provide shade, but they do not protect from dry air. Additionally, heat can build up underneath these shade providers. A Cool Cloud water mist cooling system perfects your garden. Whether on the southern terrace of your home or in the outdoor area of your restaurant: A water mist cooling provides maximum comfort for you and your guests.

How does Cool Cloud work?



Package contents: igh pressure pump, water filter, circuit breaker, 25 m high pressure hose and accessories, free delivery


Easy! No tools needed! An understandable, illustrated manual is included in the set.


  • While your neighbor is sweating, you can enjoy the summer on the terrace
  • Delight your guests with the innovative evaporative cooling




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Additional positive effects of water mist cooling at the height of summer

The fine mist will not only cool your outdoor area, it will also decrease the number of flies, mosquitoes and wasps. In addition, pollen, dust and odours will be reduced. Your garden and outdoor area will be much more comfortable. The elderly and children will especially benefit. Circulatory problems due to heat are a common concern every summer. Water mist cooling does not only create well-being. It makes everyday life easier since all family members, regardless of age, are comfortable in the summer.

Water mist cooling for your conservatory

The conservatory is the gem of every house. It is a place for nice furniture, protected from direct environmental influences but yet creating a nice garden-like atmosphere. Unfortunately, most conservatories cannot be used during summertime. Solar radiation makes the heat intolerable. A Cool Cloud water mist cooling system will provide significant relief and will make your conservatory enjoyable again. Thanks to the additional hygrostat (humidity meter), the water mist cooling can be controlled to avoid excessive humidity.

Water mist cooling on your balcony or underneath marquees

The flexible structure of the cooling device can be installed quickly and easily anywhere close to a water tap. The hose is laid at the desired position, e.g. on top of your patio table, underneath the marquee, on the house wall or along the balcony railing. Then high-pressure nozzles are placed at regular intervals, approx. every 75 cm. A fine water mist is sprayed from these nozzles with high pressure of up to 70 bar. The following evaporative cooling will lower the temperature by up to 10° Celsius. The water mist can be dispersed underneath the marquee or directed elsewhere with the help of a fan.

Water mist humidification for trade and industry

Other than for cooling, Cool Cloud can also be used for humidification. To humidify foodstuff and to keep it fresh, the mist nozzles can be directed at your goods, e.g. seafood, fruit or vegetables. Your fresh foods are thus humidified and protected against dryness.

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